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The Allan Water project is a catchment based approach to nature restoration for the benefit of wildlife, rivers and communities.  Below are some of the projects which have been delivered over the years as part of the Allan Water Project. Each project has a different focus and the below key is there to help highlight what the focus for each project is.

Revive the Allan

Revive the Allan is a NatureScot Biodiversity Challenge Fund project delivered between 2020/21 by the Forth Rivers Trust. Working with the landowner, Blackford Estates, the Trust installed large woody structures into the channel, creating a more diverse instream habitat for wildlife. Tree planting, bank reprofiling along with wetland creation also took place. Find out more here

Shelforkie Moss Restoration

Shelforkie Moss is a raised bog within the Allan Water catchment. The peat bog expands over a large area of the catchment with the Allan Water running along its eastern side. Water draining from the bog enters the Allan via a number of ditches. In the early 1900’2, the landowner at the time attempted to drain the bog cutting in a number of ditches. The project has worked with the existing landowner to block these ditches in an effort to restore the bog. Find out more here

Nether Cambushinnie Bank Protection

Nether Cambushinnie Bank Protection project helped restore 95 metres of river bank on the Allan Water between Kinbuck and Greenloaning. Find out more here.

Revive the Allan Phase 2

Revive the Allan phase 2 is a follow on from the first phase and aims to install a number of natural flood management options for the benefit of the catchment. Leaky dams, wetland creation and reconnecting the river to the floodplain is all included. Find out more here

Arrevore Aspen Project

The Arrevore Aspen Project aimed to increase riparian tree planting along the Arrevore burn, a tributary of the River Knaik. A number of tree protection measures were used and trialled for the project to identify best ways to protect trees where grazing pressures are present. Find out more about the project here.

Danny Burn Tree Planting Project

The Danny Burn Tree Planting Project aimed at addressing the lack of riparian tree cover on the Danny Burn, near Blackford, by planting 2000 native trees along the course of the river. This was one of five projects that the Trust has been working on recently as part of the wider Allan Water Improvement Project. Find out more about the project here.

Dunruchan Farm Peatland Restoration

Dunruchan Farm Peatland Restoration Project worked with Dunruchan Farm to restore 48 hectares of peatland in the Knaik catchment, a sub catchment of the Allan Water. The project was funded by Nature Scot’s Peatland Restoration Fund. Find out more here.


The Allan Water Project is funded by the Scottish Government. Individual projects are funded by multiple funders which can be seen within each project above.

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