Fish in the Class (Or Home) 2021

Each year the Trust runs an education project for primary schools to learn about the lifecycle of brown trout and why rivers are important. Like many things during the pandemic, it has been extremely difficult to deliver this work as schools were predominantly shut.

We didn’t let that stop us though and we adapted the programme so that teachers could still run the activity virtually. It was a big undertaking for staff to adapt the project so it could be delivered virtually but we managed it through the creation of digital material and a video which could be shown to the children at home.

The biggest challenge however was the fish! In normal times, the schools get their own fish tank and brown trout eggs to care for but instead, we live streamed a fish tank online which was set up in our office so the kids could check in on their fish and watch them grow at home.

As we approached release day for the fish, the rules changed and children were allowed back into schools. This was perfect timing as it meant the kids involved were able to meet their fish in person and say goodbye during release days around the Forth.

Amy recently visited Callander Primary School where the kids got to see the fish they watched grow up via the internet and then release them into their local river, the River Teith. It was a great way to end the project and even better that the kids got to say goodbye to their trout in person. This school was funded by Callander’s Landscape via National Lottery Heritage Fund Scotland.

Amy also recently visited Methilhill Primary and Community School  to release the fish with the school children into the River Leven. The schools in Fife were funded by the The Leven Programme via Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

Bellsquarry Primary School in Livingston were also lucky enough to release some fish into their local burn . Although we couldn’t get them along like usual, Murieston Environmental Group always support us delivering the project locally which we are very grateful for their support.

It has been tough trying to deliver this project but staff, the teachers and kids done a great job overcoming the barriers they faced in the pandemic to make the most of Fish in the Class 2021.

Thank you to all the schools involved and thank you to the funders who helped us adapt the project. We hope next year will be more normal for us to deliver this great project in person.

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